Calgary Amana Service & Repair

Amana is best known for refrigeration, having begun as a manufacturer of commercial coolers in the 1930s. The first upright residential freezer was produced by Amana in 1947, and in 1949 they created a fridge/freezer combination, side-by-side unit for home use. The fact that it is not unheard of to still find Amana-built units from the 1980s operational bears witness to the fact that refrigeration was definitely their forte.

The company has since been acquired by several other manufacturers, eventually winding up as part of Maytag which was subsequently acquired by Whirlpool. Today the Amana name can be found on dishwashers, range/stoves, washers, dryers, as well as fridges and freezers.

As the largest manufacturer of household appliances in the world, Whirlpool’s volume ensures an excellent availability of appliance parts. For further information about their appliances, visit Amana’s website, Whirlpool or Consumer Report online.

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