Calgary Bosch Service & Repair

Bosch is a manufacturer of German-engineered, heavy duty, home appliances. Known for energy efficiency, Bosch produces dishwashers, washers, dryers, stove tops, built-in wall ovens and free-standing stoves or ranges, as well as refrigerators, but no upright or chest freezers. Bosch’s washers and dryers are referred to as “compact” – easily stackable and maneuverable, but with full-size functionality. Bosch washers are built with the “European formula for laundry”.

Because energy conservation has been a very long-standing and established reality in Europe, laundry is approached with this in mind. Front loading washing machines consume far less water than the traditional top-loading North American model. And unlike North American dryers that function at high heat and have the effect of “baking” clothing, European dryers tend to leave clothing damp, the idea being to let garments finish air drying.  This dampness sometimes provokes concerns that the dryer is malfunctioning, but this is how it was designed to operate. The European Formula for laundry also makes provision for the prohibition against the use of chlorine bleach. Whites are brightened with the use of very hot water. Many Bosch washing machines (as well as other European-made washers) come with this special heat cycle.

Bosch appliances are very popular in Canada and parts are readily available. Bosch dishwashers come with built-in flood protection; the washing machines, however, do not. For further information about their appliances, visit Bosch’s website or Consumer Report online.

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