Calgary Caloric Appliance Service & Repair

Caloric began as an American brand of quality stoves. As more household appliances were added to Caloric’s lineup, they became known for their innovation in marketing. In the 1950s and 1960s, Caloric was the first company to offer a complete set of matching appliances. Prior to this time consumers purchased appliances separately from different manufactures, but Caloric moved appliances from utilitarian household items to décor – even matching vent hoods and kitchen sinks were included.

Through a series of acquisitions, Caloric ended up being phased out, but in 2011 JMM Properties purchased the Caloric brand from Whirlpool. They announced the reintroduction of Caloric appliances beginning with a line of ranges in 2012. At this point little is known about this next generation of Caloric ranges but they are being marketed as premium quality units. Canadian availability *****

Please note that parts are still available for vintage Caloric ranges and will be available for the next generation of Caloric ranges when they hit the Canadian market. Consumer Report online is probably the best place to keep checking for updated information.

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